The Intolerable Sounds of Misophonia

How many times have you said to yourself.”I can’t hear myself think!” or “That noise is driving me crazy!”?  Misophonia is a disorder in which certain sounds trigger emotional or physiological responses. According to some. the responses may be unreasonable given the circumstance. The reactions to certain sounds can range from anger and annoyance to […]

Still Made In America?

  PDF Is anything really “Made in the USA” anymore? Yes, actually. Quite a lot is. American manufacturing has enjoyed a resurgence since the Great Recession of 2008, and there are as many manufacturing jobs in the U.S. as there were in the post-WWII days of 1949. Some companies even are returning their manufacturing to America, although manufacturing workers […]

This Is What We Celebrate on Memorial Day

  Celebrate push towards a more humane and level playing field for all who endeavor to pursue and realize their potential minus the interference of the persons who wish to be exempt from accountability. Celebrate the wisdom of groups that the true greatness of anyone is demonstrated when in a just world, with equal opportunity, […]