Why it Takes the Right Kind of Teacher to Recognize Gifts and Talents Within Student Diversity

I’ve written about my children before and once again, I will place a different slant on an already explored subject: THE GIFTED CHILDREN OF COLOR, within the public school system. As a 3 year old early reader, my first born entered kindergarten at age 5. So fortunate were we that she had an excellent teacher who […]

The Nation’s Report Card: TEL and What We Know About Girls

An Innovative Assessment in an Era of Rapid Technological Change Female students are making strides in tech and engineering, beginning at the 8th grade level. This alone is disruptive to the general perception of student populations enrollment and performance in STEM subjects in K12 education. Girls are rocking it! Whatever parents and educators are doing […]

Boost Advocacy Skills for Parents of Students With Disabilities

In a Pennsylvania town roiled by controversy after a superintendent’s resignation, a volunteer group’s efforts seek to rebuild trust between the community and school district. This story is quite inspiring and should help motivate others who aim to build bridges between parents and schools. Parents of students with learning differences are often unsure of their […]

Testing Resources for Schools, February 2016

Guidance and resources for schools, staff, and families including manuals pertaining to  tests administration. Guidelines, procedures, and accommodations for special needs populations and students with disabilities are outlined, as well. Presented by the New York City Department of Education, these resources have just been released. Families and caregivers are well served by accessing this information. All materials should be […]