E Pluribus Unum!

E Pluribus Unum!

Out of many, one! That is how we ought to view and regard diversity. Diversity is akin to personality. Everyone of us, no matter what we look like, where we come from, who we know or where we are, we share more similarities than differences. The differences that should matter are the individual uniqueness, personalities, preferences and experiences. Height, weight, language, religion, country of origin…. All of these manifest externally and are communicated to the world around us. Don’t dislike or disrespect ANYONE because of skin color, religion, weight, gender or gender identity.  Don’t dismiss, discriminate  or disrespect anyone for any of these things, either.

Personally speaking, respect me because I am human just like you. Begin from a position of respect, and expect others to do the same. If not, understand that life isn’t perfect, nor are we as people. If per chance, someone does show disrespect, stay positive, and try to believe that it wasn’t intentional. However, if indeed intentional, stay calm, speak clearly and communicate that you feel disrespected, and let it be known that you refuse to remain in the presence of someone who endeavors to stand before you and demonstrate an unwillingness or inability to converse in a mutually respectful manner, even if you are in disagreement with one another.


Most of all, refuse to return the favor and demonstrate your lack of self-control, discipline, or self confidence by getting involved in behaviors unbecoming, unproductive and uncivilized, should disrespect continue and escalates.

-Your opinion doesn’t have to be my reality!-

We can and should be assertive without being overly aggressive, and respectfully state your disapproval of the disrespectful statement, sentiment, or gesture. That’s it. Nothing more. Drop the subject, Discontinue the conversation, change the subject, but politely. If worse becomes that, then excuse yourself from that person while wishing them a great and blessed day.

Don’t stereotype or group me with others who look like me or because someone believes in and worships the same Higher Power as me. We are individuals nonetheless. I am unique as are you and I deserve respect just like you. We don’t have to agree on the same things, because our personalities are different, as are our experiences and realities. Overall, remember that we all want and need love, but if we can’t love one another, let’s respect one another at the very least. Ultimately, we are the same-human, and we belong to the same global family. Nobody’s perfect, but we can strive to be better today than we were the day before.

We share an awesome capacity to change, grow, evolve, create, imagine, forgive and the potential to treat everyone like family. As a matter of fact, treat everyone better than we treat family. You haven’t met my family! Just kidding! We are all included as valued members of one big family in the most grand scheme of  life as human beings! As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We may have arrived on different ships, but we are all in the same boat!” Think and act like we know this!

To others outside of our borders, we are all one-no matter who we are! On the flip side, when we are divided, divisive, discriminatory, and deliberately deceptive towards one another, the outside world sees that, as well! Yet, we wonder why the world at large does not ‘love’ or even ‘admire’ our ways of life within a democracy! Do we wish to give credence to the belief in our union as an unequivocal hypocrisy? A mere front; totally false propaganda and with carefully hidden truths and less than sincerest motives towards achieving and sustaining universal power and influence!

FRIEND HEARTfamilies diverse

Now, let’s explore culture-family, school and community diversity. Together, we are stronger, wiser and better than we are separately and apart. Let’s collaborate-everyone, every group, race, religion, sexual orientation, every culture- and contribute to the collective strengths among us- in the “village”! With broadened perspectives, altered perceptions and forgoing hints of divisiveness, we will discover that….

E Pluribus Unum!-Out of many, one!

2 thoughts on “E Pluribus Unum!

  1. This is obviously heartfelt and, as such, is beautifully expressed. I am touched by the sentiment and happy there are people that think like you.

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    1. I truly appreciate you and your comments are really insightful! Please continue sharing!

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