Automaticity: automatic behaviors and responses in any given situation. It is that ability to do things without having to think about them or occupying the mind at the conscious level. Automaticities[plural] are behaviors and responses that become automatic response patterns or habits. They are usually the result of learning, practice, and repetition. In fact, most of our acquired skills [...]


Family Engagement According to the Feds

The U.S. Departments of Education (ED) and Health and Human Services (HHS) are requesting comments on a draft policy statement on the implementation of effective family engagement practices from the early years to the early grades. The comment period has been extended to COB January 4, 2016. Document:  draft_hhs_ed_family_engagement.pdf  Also  available for online download at:   [...]

More Teachers of Color? Yes! Intensive PD? Yes, INDEED!

New York City Public Schools, among the largest school districts in the U.S., is in critical need of teachers and staff who reflect the diversity of families and students who attend its schools. However, the city's diversity is not novel. A complete overhaul of staff will not solve the greater issues and concerns that plague our [...]

Eco-Friendly can be “Family-Friendly” Projects Too!

I experienced an 'aha' moment after speaking with Ms. Epiphan. What they were doing was an 'experiment' of sorts. Under a federal grant, and the consent of Parks and Recreation Department, the aim was to restore natural plants to an area where the indigenous flora was displaced, disrupted and significantly depleted by the "super storm". The really technical aspects of this project, though necessary in planning, is not center to my takeaway.

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