Here’s Where We “Raise the Bar” in America’s Public Schools

Today’s youngest learners are digital natives and practically ‘hard-wired’ to acquire knowledge through technology-infused learning. With an increasing need for meaningful connections between digital natives, the framework of teaching and learning in educational settings is at a crossroads. The basic structure and standardization of curricula can’t become any less engaging, exciting, or less relevant, according […]

How are we assessing competencies among children in school settings?

COMPETENCY BASED EDUCATION??? An opinion Teaching is definitely one of the most challenging jobs one can have, and there is so much pressure placed on pedagogues to ‘get it right’. When formal basic primary education was designed, instruction was extremely personalized and differentiated. We began teaching, as a formalized role in a setting wherein learners […]

Now That Parents Came to School, What Do We Do With Them?

Parenting takes a lot of skill and patience and is always a ‘work in progress’. The social skills, cognitive potential, and behavioral functioning that a child acquires during the earliest years are fundamentally dependent on the quality of their interactions with their parents.  Equally important is the quality of interactions between school staff, teachers, and parents of […]

Because No Meaningful Partnership Develops Without Questions

Asking questions is an important component of the partnering process with parents and adult caregivers. If we wish to empower, advocate, ally, or partner with parents, we must begin by asking questions. Otherwise, we won’t understand what they need, who they are, or what they want for themselves. It is selfish of anyone who endeavors to […]