Why Parenting Is No Exact Science

So you think you screwed up and made the inadvisable decision to allow your 13 year old to go to the mall alone. You didn’t know that your impressionable adolescent teen planned to meet up with friends there. Friends you did not know. You didn’t know them or their parents-their pedigree. You also didn’t know […]

Working with Parents: Middle School Family Engagement

As a new  middle school teacher of special needs students, it was important  to be mindful of the environment that surrounded my public school students. In order to effectively engage my students, I had to develop a relationship with them. It was critical that I knew where these students came from, who they were, and understand […]

Engagement: Parents Don’t Need to ‘Hover’ in Middle and High School

  Middle school and high school years have become times in a child’s development when parents are less ‘involved’ in their education at school. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! It is not that parents stop their involvement completely; they just step back from the formerly close monitoring of school work. During adolescence, as children distance […]