The Importance of Sleep or Is It?

For some women, sleep often feels like a luxury. Women have to navigate life, and that can be a career, family, friends, and of course, children. At the end of a long day, which can be every day, one finds that there may still be more tasks left undone. The standard 24 hour day scarcely […]

How Do We Create ‘Hardiness’ Zones for Girls?

  Within health psychology, the concept of “hardiness” describes the stance of an individual in relation to a stressful context and, thus, points to developmental experiences girls may need to resist the long-term harm of institutionalized racism and sexism. Considering relationships with significant adults in girls’ lives as potential “hardiness zones”-that is, spaces of real […]

How Do Schools Support Children Whose Parent Has a Mental Illness?

  Between one in four and one in five adults will experience a mental illness during their lifetime. At the time of their illness, at least one quarter to half of these will be parents. Their children have an increased rate of mental health problems, indicating a strong link between adult and child mental health. […]