Transforming Teaching History in School: Why Every Child Needs a Hero

  Every child needs at least one hero. There is no straight and fast definition, or specific embodiment of what constitutes a hero, but, what we do know is that fictional characters, uni-dimensional figures, who appear in books, or  other media often will not suffice. There are so many real-life heros, and ‘accidental’ mentors from […]

Parent Power BootCamp Updates

“Let’s Get In-Formation” Parents’ Bulletin National Black Child Development Institute’s Parent Power BootCamp “Let’s Get In-Formation” The Parent Power BootCamp is designed to educate parents and caregivers on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the changes it requires of their children’s schools and schools districts. The Parent Power BootCamp will empower and mobilize families […]

Here’s How Slavery Left America in Pain

      Almost two centuries later, we still refuse to engage in meaningful dialogues surrounding both race and slavery. Slavery in this country started the institutionalized racist mindset that left us with  a ‘divide and conquer’ mentality among citizens. The effects of holding an entire race of human beings in bondage, for the purposes of obtaining […]

Teach This: BLACK Scientists and Inventors

   All Kindergarten-12th Grade Teachers and other educators, this one’s for you! As Black History Month officially comes to a close, it shouldn’t mean that it now appropriate that you return to ‘business’ or teaching as usual. It is unusual to stand in front of a classroom filled with black and  brown learners and rarely impart knowledge about great […]