Is Poverty Included Among Adverse Childhood Experiences[ACE]?

Adverse Childhood Experiences[ACE] are loosely defined as extremely stressful events and experiences during one’s childhood years which may also be trauma-inducing. Some of these events are recurring and others can take place one time only. Nonetheless, these ACEs, range from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse to parental divorce or the incarceration of a parent. Abuse and […]

Here’s How Teachers Can Connect With Students[and their families, too]

As a beginning middle school special education teacher, there were so many student behaviors that I didn’t understand. I made wrongful, misinformed determinations, thereby disciplined students  in frustration, raised my voice to regain control and get the disruptive behaviors to stop. Gaining ‘control’ is the wrong approach to classroom management, particularly when students are adolescents. There was one particular student, who had great […]