Homeschooling: Reflecting A New Landscape of Learning

How is homeschooling and family choice changing the landscape of learning in this country? For the most part, parents don’t believe that the current school model is best, or enough, for their children. In 2007, the United States Department of Education reported that 36 percent of homeschooling parents said that their most important reason for […]

The Numbers You Need to See: Computer Access, Student Test Scores and Socio-economics

Results from the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress[NAEP] survey questionnaires inform us that computer access in the home among fourth and eighth graders varied across socioeconomic backgrounds. At the national level, in all states and most large urban districts participants, smaller percentages of lower income students reported having access at home than middle to […]

Why Debate Charter School Diversity?

  Since the public education system has been broken, children have been failing, dropping out, disproportionately disciplined, suspended and expelled. Urban public schools are largely under-funded and under-resourced, to the detriment of students most in need of a quality education. Cultural mis-matches, the lack of cultural proficiency, and professionals who practice under implicitly biased lens are […]