Families That Play Together….

  Quickly, when was the last time that, as a family,  you participated in activities with your child? If you took more than 10 seconds to respond, make plans to have fun spending time together with your child today. Parents today spend more time with their children than in the past. In 1965, mothers spent an […]

In Your Relationships, How Do You Communicate Your Needs?

Tips and strategies for building strong, healthy relationships and honestly expressing needs and emotions.

Useful Tools for Talking With Your Teens

“How was your day?” That is a very straight-forward question to ask a teen to get a conversation going. What’s the usual response that parents receive? “Ok!”….a one word answer, and that’s it. Nothing else. Your teen proceed to head towards their bedroom and then close the door. Closing parents out of their lives. How […]

Parenting: How Early Talk Promotes Learning Success, Effective Communication & Relationship-Building

  Communication is the ability to connect with others, exchange information, ideas, feelings and create meaning. Through communication, we learn to navigate the world, and find our place in the world. Communication is the means to an end-it is human  Children who can communicate well, as listeners and talkers, and are curious to learn about […]