Parenting A Child With A Difficult Temperament

All children are born with individual temperament. This is your child’s preferred style of relating and responding to people and events. There are 3 behavior clusters which categorize that some babies are easy,  some are slow to warm up, and others are difficult. All babies and children demand time and attention, besides unconditional love. But, […]

Here’s What Parents Can Do, Right Now, to Support Their Child’s Emotional Health

What is emotional health? Emotional health is the ability to recognize and express both positive and negative emotions in ways that are appropriate and respectful to the situation. It is also empathy and the willingness to help and comfort others. This is often referred to as Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Literacy.  Children who are emotionally […]

What the Latest Scientific Research Says About How to Be a Better Parent

  There’s something about a parent’s disapproval that’s instinctively repellent. It may even be bad for your health. A growing body of scientific work suggests that criticism from our loved ones can bring latent mental illnesses to the surface and make it harder for people to recover from  depression, schizophrenia, and other crippling brain conditions. […]

HARVEY Survivors: Take Inventory, I Did, Because I can Relate

  What do people, families, individuals, businesses, do in the aftermath of a natural disaster? I would love to hope that the first thing is to ensure your safety-the most important people and/or pets in your life.  People before things or possessions. Next, when the storm becomes manageable, and the dangerous weather conditions have subsided, thank your Higher Power […]