How Should Schools Utilize a 2Gen Approach to Teaching and Learning?

  Whether you know it or not, to teach in schools today is to assume a 2-Gen[multi-generational] approach and create a framework for student achievement and family wellness built around that approach. To meet the needs of the child, you must also be mindful of the needs of the parents and the entire family. There […]

How Much Do You Know About American History and How Will You Teach About Slavery?

In the midst of Black History Month, let’s hope that there is sufficient mindfulness and awareness of the plague of our national history, which is the institution of slavery. No one wants to hear about it, talk about it ,nor does anyone wish to teach about it in the classroom. Has anyone really sat and […]

Working with Parents: Middle School Family Engagement

As a new  middle school teacher of special needs students, it was important  to be mindful of the environment that surrounded my public school students. In order to effectively engage my students, I had to develop a relationship with them. It was critical that I knew where these students came from, who they were, and understand […]

How Educators Can Use MLK Day as a Spring Board into Student Engagement

  As a middle grades teacher of predominantly black and brown special education students, one of the core subjects I taught was Social Studies. In my first year, I was given no textbooks with which to teach or issue to my students. I also taught Language Arts, without texts as well. During the early part of that momentous year,  my instruction was […]