By Any Other Name…. It Is Still Called Segregation

Interestingly, within a U.S. city as sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and diversely populated as New York City, it boggles the mind that their public education system encompasses all five boroughs, flows through so many different communities, cultures and yet… an overwhelmingly segregated school system. The New York City Department of Education (DOE) is the largest school district in the U.S., serving […]

Can a Hip-Hop Curriculum Promote and Encourage Learning?

Hip-Hop is everywhere and 90% of today’s youth are tuning in. Just as technology is introduced in classroom instruction and utilized to supplement and reinforce content knowledge and skills acquisition, we must continue to adopt new ways to teach, engage students and facilitate learning. ‘Traditional’ teaching methodologies and framework of established “best practices” sadly contribute to the disconnect and disengagement of today’s goal-oriented, digital learners at […]

Teach This: BLACK Scientists and Inventors

   All Kindergarten-12th Grade Teachers and other educators, this one’s for you! As Black History Month officially comes to a close, it shouldn’t mean that it now appropriate that you return to ‘business’ or teaching as usual. It is unusual to stand in front of a classroom filled with black and  brown learners and rarely impart knowledge about great […]