“The Most Dangerous Place For Black People is…..”

“The most dangerous place for black people is in white people’s imagination”.         D.L. Hughley Black people, African-Americans, aren’t as scary or as dangerous as are other’s perception of them.  An example of the types of incidents where unarmed Black men have been approached, interrogated, arrested, shot and/or killed by police/law enforcement […]

Here is Why People Chant “Black Lives Matter”

https://s2.washingtonpost.com/5aa15f/5ac365c2fe1ff61ddddda459/YmlzaG9wYXJ2ZXJuZUBhb2wuY29t/6/48/0ffe4a7e475f3bda8279c1bb56f2c78e Play the above video from Asheville and then read. This image absolutely provides one conclusive reason for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement….at least today’s cries. Unfortunately, the cries of yesteryear are eerily similar to the cries heard today. People of color in the U.S. have been subject to government sanctioned and protected violence against […]