How the Apple IMac Made ‘No Excuses’ Possible

Back in 2001, I had this novel idea to connect my students and their parents to the classroom. I was especially interested in getting to know and partner with the previously elusive parents of my black and brown students. As a teacher of special needs adolescents, and a newbie in public school education, I needed […]

Get Out of that ‘Fog’ and Get Focused

There are days when I am not feeling sick, tired, and not distracted, but I am just unable to focus. I want to do work, but when I sit down to start, I can’t bring myself to actually do it. I’m simply stuck “in a fog”. You’ve probably felt it too, and found a way […]

Ahh, Those Senior Moments…

Have you ever walked into a room and once you were inside, realized that you’ve completely forgotten the reason[s] why you entered it in the first place? It can happen within a split second, or a nanosecond, at the most inopportune times. So, you find yourself standing in the middle of this room, quietly asking yourself, […]