About Invented Spelling: “Cn u rd ths?”

When I was in grade school, teachers took spelling very seriously. Vocabulary and spelling tests were a weekly event. Not much has changed. Your children are still being tested on their ability to spell and learn and apply new words correctly in their writing. Your first grader comes home from school and shows you, very […]

How to Have Powerful Interactions With Your Child to Support Early Learning

Just a few minutes each day is sufficient to support early learning for a child. As parents, we spend at least 30 minutes every day with our children. At some point during the day, there is usually time for a one on one with your child, even if you have more than one child at […]

Promote Self-Regulation among Early Learners with a Kangaroo Named MAX

Here we have a story all about how a youngster entering the classroom for the very first time learns self-regulation and learns to identify his emotions, understand his body cues and control his behavior. He learns to control behavior as a result of first identifying his feelings and framing them properly through the acronyms FADS(frustration, […]

Where to Transform Education Policies and Practices

To ensure students can succeed, our country’s publicly-funded education system—from early learning to public schools, and through higher education and workforce training—must be strengthened. So far, this system has failed too many of our country’s young people—turning them off of learning before they exit elementary school, leading them to repeat grades or drop out, requiring […]