To Educate Through the Cultural Lens

The existing definitions of family engagement in education encompass and emphasize the importance of school staff to support students in multiple ways. To best accomplish this, staff must build an awareness of how their beliefs and assumptions about family and community engagement influence their interactions with families and ultimately, their children-the students. The school community’s demographics […]

Parent Mindsets – Be A Learning Hero

    Parents have always been and still are the captains of learning fate of their children in school settings, and their children are still masters of their destiny. Whether or not they are aware, parents’ heavily influence the educational route that children travel along as they grow up and transition out into the ‘real’ […]

Family-Focused or Family Centered? Both are Family-Friendly Approaches

Family-centered and Family-focused approaches are often portrayed as similar or equal to each other, though there are inherent differences between the two, especially in relation to how the family is perceived. Engaging families is both science and an art. Engaging families is also multi-disciplinary, and a vital component in juvenile justice, education, child welfare, behavioral […]