Why Family Courts Should Apply The Equality Principle[EP] to Custody Disputes

In some custody disputes parents are equally fit, other factors are not decisive, shared custody is ruled out, and the parental conflict is the only threat to children’s well‐being. There are no systematic principles to resolve these disputes. To fill this gap, introduce the Equality Principle[EP]. This principle may improve children’s well‐being, parental behavior, court efficiency, […]

Why is Black Hair A Punishable Offense at School?

After having read an article in the New York Times about an 11 year old girl being sent home because she was wearing hair extensions, I immediately became curious. This young lady happens to attend a private school in Louisiana.  One might expect or assume that this happens, most likely, in a public school. But […]

What We Tell Ourselves: Commemorating the Hate and Ignorance of Long Ago

When we are in a car accident, and hit a car ahead of us from the rear, sometimes our first line of defense is to blame the other driver. “Why’d you stop short?” we ask. Deep down inside of us, we know that is is really our own fault. We tell ourselves anything to feel […]

How to Best Support Someone Who Is Experiencing a Loss

Loss is a certainty of life at some point[s] in our lives. It can be experienced through a divorce, life-threatening illness, job retirement, or addiction. Loss is very personally experienced, yet it is a common phenomenon with centrally shared feelings. Support can make the difference in whether we summon the courage to fight our way […]