SNAP Changes for Young Adults Without Dependents

Federal officials are currently considering legislative and regulatory changes to a federal food assistance program (SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) that would further restrict eligibility for “Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents.” Given that the transition from youth to adulthood is challenging and the brain is still developing, it is concerning that the unique needs […]

Is Poverty Included Among Adverse Childhood Experiences[ACE]?

Adverse Childhood Experiences[ACE] are loosely defined as extremely stressful events and experiences during one’s childhood years which may also be trauma-inducing. Some of these events are recurring and others can take place one time only. Nonetheless, these ACEs, range from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse to parental divorce or the incarceration of a parent. Abuse and […]

Why Do 13 Million Children Come To School Hungry?

As a former middle school teacher, I had students who would come to school hungry. I am certain because, while students were silently doing classwork, on occasion, I could hear the sounds of growling stomachs. The entire class heard the sounds. Actually, it was more like ‘howling’ that echoed throughout the classroom, disrupting the ‘early morning calm’. There was an […]