Addressing The Disturbing Alliance Between Depression and Dementia

As if the changes brought about by dementia aren’t devastating enough, many of the more than 5 million people living with the disease in the U.S. also face depression. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association[APA], it’s common for people with dementia to experience not only depression but also anxiety and paranoia. Those with Alzheimer’s […]

Here’s an Actionable Plan to Practice Self-Care

    This is a plan that you can use to plan your own self-care. Feel free to print and keep it close: PSYCHOLOGICAL SELF-CARE Sample Actions: I will practice speaking to myself with kindness. I will work on disempowering my saboteurs. I will keep an “I’m worth it!” sign on my desk. I will […]

Still Searching For An Equal Co-Parent?

My daughter and her husband are both working parents. They have the same employer-the United States Air Force. They also share job titles. Both are Instructor Pilots. They have a one-year old daughter, who adds another dimension to family life and their relationship. They have to be able to effectively co-parent, in their child’s best […]

Why ABC Knows The ABCs of Life’s Diversity

  The Disney owned television station, the American Broadcasting Company, ABC, was once a television network that hasn’t always been forward-thinking in their prime-time programming. Prime time are the hours when there are more viewers than at any other television viewing hours. But nowadays, something good has happened. The TV program lineup is filled with a myriad of […]