Home Visiting: Planning For Safety on the Inside[Part 3]

Home Visiting: What are your safety plans for once you have entered the home? Once you have arrived at a parent/family’s place of residence, you still must plan for your safety. Therefore your safety plan is not complete. Careful assessments of the home environment as well as the people and their relational dynamics must be […]

How Practitioners Can Help Families Support Self-Regulation

Self-regulation: the act of managing thoughts and feelings to enable goal-directed actions. The development of self-regulation begins at birth and continues into young adulthood and beyond. The home environment including a child’s relationship with their parents and primary caregivers, is the biggest influence on a child’s ability to develop self-regulation skills.Home visiting professionals have a […]

Parenting: How Early Talk Promotes Learning Success, Effective Communication & Relationship-Building

  Communication is the ability to connect with others, exchange information, ideas, feelings and create meaning. Through communication, we learn to navigate the world, and find our place in the world. Communication is the means to an end-it is human  Children who can communicate well, as listeners and talkers, and are curious to learn about […]

How Much ‘Quality’ Time Do Fathers Spend With Their Children?

  According to a report from Pew Research Center, fathers say that they don’t spend enough time with their children even though U.S. fathers today are spending more time caring for their children than they did a half-century ago. Still, most (63%) say they spend too little time with their kids and a much smaller share […]