How the Apple IMac Made ‘No Excuses’ Possible

Back in 2001, I had this novel idea to connect my students and their parents to the classroom. I was especially interested in getting to know and partner with the previously elusive parents of my black and brown students. As a teacher of special needs adolescents, and a newbie in public school education, I needed […]

“Immaculate Perceptions”: The Power of The Parent Coordinator

The home dynamics for all children are usually multifaceted and complex. Some children experience more difficulties due to family circumstances while others have more positive experiences regardless of family circumstances. No matter the dynamics, children’s actions reflect those circumstances (both negatively and positively) throughout the school day. As the Parent Liaison, you have the unique […]

How Do We Manage Without ACCESS…?

For the past few days, I have been without access to my precious internet-no web access. In fact, I had no access to my PC at all. I thought that all of my data, all of my information, documents, pictures, and so much more had been lost forever. Most salient for me was that my ability […]