Is the Intergenerational Mobility Gap Environmental?

Researchers have just published a new paper about intergenerational mobility among American children. The basic question is whether children generally end up with higher or lower incomes than their parents. This study found that at nearly every income level, black kids are likely to do worse than their parents, and far worse than similar white kids.The black-white […]

Family-Focused or Family Centered? Both are Family-Friendly Approaches

Family-centered and Family-focused approaches are often portrayed as similar or equal to each other, though there are inherent differences between the two, especially in relation to how the family is perceived. Engaging families is both science and an art. Engaging families is also multi-disciplinary, and a vital component in juvenile justice, education, child welfare, behavioral […]

25 Years of Changes: The “Greening” of the Teaching Force

National Center for Education Statistics released a comprehensive report detailing changes in several key characteristics of the teaching force between the 1987-88 and 2011-12 school years, including the number of teachers, the level of teaching experience, and the racial/ethnic diversity of the teaching force. The report focuses on how these demographic changes varied across different […]