How Concentrated Disadvantage Harms Children

  Here is a little[or a lot] of “food for thought”:   Americans, by and large, live next door to people of the same race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Residential segregation by race remains high despite declines over the past several decades, and segregation by income is on the rise. Segregation by race or ethnicity and […]

How Do We Create ‘Hardiness’ Zones for Girls?

  Within health psychology, the concept of “hardiness” describes the stance of an individual in relation to a stressful context and, thus, points to developmental experiences girls may need to resist the long-term harm of institutionalized racism and sexism. Considering relationships with significant adults in girls’ lives as potential “hardiness zones”-that is, spaces of real […]

Good Parent- Bad Parent…Are You Certain?

Situations, circumstances and contexts are important factors that influence our behaviors, attitudes and perceptions. Here’s why! The other day, while perusing the mall, I took a break from shopping to get something to eat. I headed for the food court, and decided to grab a bite from the Burger King. Standing in line ahead of me was a young African-American […]