7 Strategies to Address Implicit Bias

Implicit bias is action-oriented, and influences our judgment and behaviors as it relates to those groups considered, ‘non-dominant’. They include African-Americans, Asians, Muslims and Latinx- the social groups whose heritages aren’t traditionally Caucasian. We address biases about these groups-‘others’- by bringing to a conscious level our core beliefs about these groups. Many of these beliefs […]

Is “Implicit Bias” Just Another Excuse?

  Is ‘implicit bias’  REALLY present ‘ONLY’at a subconscious level or is it a cop-out…another excuse? Here is one opinion, baked by experience and little scientific research, but just as plausible as the critical examination of theoretical frameworks.  We speak of everyday biases, the not -so obvious or covert displays of prejudice, and we lend […]

” …Boy”, “…From the Bellybutton Down”: Looks Like The Fight Card Brings Along The Race Card

  The most recent NY Times article in the Race/Related series centers around an upcoming boxing match between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Conor McGregor. In this article, a deeper meaning emerges from this fight prospect. Mayweather, black and boxing champion, and McGregor, white and mixed martial arts professional, have seemed to have tapped into some […]

The “Cringe-worthy” Race-Related Descriptors That Offend Are…

  Recently, The New York Times asked it’s readers to submit a small sampling of terms that they consider “cringeworthy”. In response, The Times’ readers outlined their objections to specific labels with comments like these:   The use of the word “race” as a noun or adjective. The human genome has been sequenced and it has been established as […]