Families That Play Together….

  Quickly, when was the last time that, as a family,  you participated in activities with your child? If you took more than 10 seconds to respond, make plans to have fun spending time together with your child today. Parents today spend more time with their children than in the past. In 1965, mothers spent an […]

Educators, We’re Having A Student Voice Summit: Submit Your Ideas

Calling all high school students and educators! ASCD & Center for Inspired Teaching Student Voice Summit! Where: Washington, DC When:   June 21-23, 2019 The ASCD & Center for Inspired Teaching Student Voice Summit, powered by Teach to Lead, will be the first student leadership focused summit, taking the model that has proven to positively […]

From Toddler to Teen: 5 Essentials for Positive Discipline

Your child has just thrown a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket. You’re surrounded by  onlookers, and passersby shaking their heads. We know that everyone is waiting for your response to this moment in parenting when what you do matters. You turn to your child and yell at him to stop yelling and whining. […]