Making A Case For Parent-Teacher Engagement

  As a public school middle grades teacher, besides boasting a district 1st classroom web site, I always ASKED parents about their concerns and questions regarding instruction, homework assignments and encouraged them to email me, as well. Parental input is vital to achievement.We want them to be on the same page with us.  If parents […]

Here’s What I Learned From Teaching Beyond The Textbooks!

I taught Social Studies in middle school for one year, and in that year, I learned at least one very valuable lesson. It isn’t what I learned from the text books, because that year, I was given no textbooks from which to teach. It’s what I learned about and from the students themselves. My public […]

What We Tell Ourselves: Commemorating the Hate and Ignorance of Long Ago

When we are in a car accident, and hit a car ahead of us from the rear, sometimes our first line of defense is to blame the other driver. “Why’d you stop short?” we ask. Deep down inside of us, we know that is is really our own fault. We tell ourselves anything to feel […]