How the Apple IMac Made ‘No Excuses’ Possible

Back in 2001, I had this novel idea to connect my students and their parents to the classroom. I was especially interested in getting to know and partner with the previously elusive parents of my black and brown students. As a teacher of special needs adolescents, and a newbie in public school education, I needed […]

What Color Makes Your Heart Sing?

                             What Color Are You?   Colors hold a variety of meanings – from the world of psychology, to yogic traditions and pop culture. The colors that you wear and see have been found to have an effect on how you feel, and how you see the world. For example, did you know that […]

What Will Make You Happy? [QUIZ]

  Try this brief ‘Infographic’ quiz from . Everyone seeks happiness, we write songs about it, try to define it, philosophize about attaining it, but what makes you happy? Take this short, yet fun and interesting test…   via What Will Make You Happy? [QUIZ] – Goodnet.