What is it about swimming and Black people?

There is an historical myth/stereotype about swimming which says that ‘black people don’t swim’. Partially true that myth is, but do we know why? Most of us do not or have never endeavored to give it much consideration. So, it just lingered in the hearts and minds of many. This is my somewhat abbreviated explanation: […]


The New York Times’ Race/Related series published an interestingly thought-provoking article this week to focus and highlight a select group of college-bound high school students whose backgrounds and aspirations are as diverse as each individual.  Each featured student demonstrates the power of both resilience and determination in influencing life trajectory and all presented through spoken word […]

The “Cringe-worthy” Race-Related Descriptors That Offend Are…

  Recently, The New York Times asked it’s readers to submit a small sampling of terms that they consider “cringeworthy”. In response, The Times’ readers outlined their objections to specific labels with comments like these:   The use of the word “race” as a noun or adjective. The human genome has been sequenced and it has been established as […]

On Racism and Race Relations: Poll Results

  Today’s read from The New York Times series: “Race/Related” Chicago: Polls, Reality Lilli Carré Chicago is caught in a violent spiral. Homicides are up 52 percent over last year and most of the victims have been African-American, in neighborhoods already racked with poverty, poor housing and failing schools. The Times has been zeroing in on […]