What You Don’t Know About Being ‘White’ in America

 The current presidential emphasis on constructing a border ‘wall’ between the United States and Mexico, the limitations placed on certain immigrants permitted to enter this country, and the current deportation efforts supported by policy initiatives all possess a common thread. Travel bans are largely focused on countries whose populations can be considered ‘people of color’- […]

How Do We Create ‘Hardiness’ Zones for Girls?

  Within health psychology, the concept of “hardiness” describes the stance of an individual in relation to a stressful context and, thus, points to developmental experiences girls may need to resist the long-term harm of institutionalized racism and sexism. Considering relationships with significant adults in girls’ lives as potential “hardiness zones”-that is, spaces of real […]

How We Teach The Hate, and How to Teach Tolerance

As I sit comfortably in my home and tune in to the latest news headlines, it becomes more clear to me that this country has a major problem with race that will not dissipate unless we all ‘man up’ and be honest about seeking real positive changes. People have been struggling with race, equality, and […]

” …Boy”, “…From the Bellybutton Down”: Looks Like The Fight Card Brings Along The Race Card

  The most recent NY Times article in the Race/Related series centers around an upcoming boxing match between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Conor McGregor. In this article, a deeper meaning emerges from this fight prospect. Mayweather, black and boxing champion, and McGregor, white and mixed martial arts professional, have seemed to have tapped into some […]