Why Is History Taught in Reverse?

American History, Social Studies, World History, Civics, Comparative Religions, and so forth, by any other name is basic background checking which cultivates respect and an appreciation of difference or ‘diversity’. For generations now, American children attending PreK-12 schools in either the public or private sector, are taught under a guiding instructional  framework. This framework has […]

From Toddler to Teen: 5 Essentials for Positive Discipline

Your child has just thrown a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket. You’re surrounded by  onlookers, and passersby shaking their heads. We know that everyone is waiting for your response to this moment in parenting when what you do matters. You turn to your child and yell at him to stop yelling and whining. […]

Is “Implicit Bias” Just Another Excuse?

  Is ‘implicit bias’  REALLY present ‘ONLY’at a subconscious level or is it a cop-out…another excuse? Here is one opinion, baked by experience and little scientific research, but just as plausible as the critical examination of theoretical frameworks.  We speak of everyday biases, the not -so obvious or covert displays of prejudice, and we lend […]

What Black Students Want From Educators: Relationships First!

What we need most in education, and what we need to see among educators are practices backed by data-informed logic and demonstrated “culturalinguistic”[cultural/linguistic] proficiency with increased capacity for collaboration between systems and stakeholders-students, families, educators, provider agencies, and community-at-large. Developing racial competence is fundamental to a genuine appreciation and respect for diversity without any ‘immaculate […]