Do’s & Don’ts: How Restorative Practices Can Transform Schools

  In the “President’s Blog,” IIRP President John W. Bailie, Ph.D., shares his thoughts on a variety of topics relevant to leadership, social innovation and education. In this piece, Dr. Bailie offers some advice for teachers and administrators implementing restorative practices in schools. A friend of mine took a challenging, and some would say ill-advised, […]

3 Stages in Family Group Conferencing: Restorative “Family Power”

NOW, THIS IS FAMILY ENGAGEMENT! Waves of change have weakened the influence of family in today’s society, yet family remains the most critical component of our social fabric.  Primary learning begins within the home environment, and as families support their child’s education and the learning process, they are vital partners in the school community.  A new approach for working with […]

Toward a Restorative City: A “Village” Approach

The International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) is embarking on an unprecedented initiative to improve the lives of children and families in Detroit, Michigan, USA. By mobilizing a “whole-neighborhood” approach, individuals will be active stewards of their community. The goal of the program, “Toward a Restorative City: Focus on Schools and Sustainability for the City […]