“CASA de Maryland”: Empowering Immigrant Families

In Maryland, family and community engagement in education supports recent immigrants and English language learners through many program initiatives. One of these notable programs is CASA de Maryland, a community-based organization that seeks to improve the life quality in low income immigrant communities of suburban Washington, D.C. An advocate for public education, CASA works to […]

How Can We Help Immigrant Families Help Themselves?

Amidst the anxiety produced by President Trump’s deportation frenzy, primarily surrounding undocumented Mexican immigrants, families and children are scared, confused and angry about the possibility of leaving this country. The public has been informed of a revision of this policy that supposedly clarifies the people for whom the policy applies. It is to target only […]

Activism, Social Justice and a “Dear Future Leader” Letter

  Have you ever noticed a student at your school and thought, ‘This young person is going to change the world!’? Consider encouraging their activism with a personalized letter and give it directly to any of your developing change makers, giving your vote of confidence and support. A personalized letter can look like the sample below.[Feel free to share, […]

Childhood Poverty: Breaking the Cycle

  Poverty affects millions of children, but when we think about poverty, the children are the last images we conjure in our minds. 1 in 5 American children are poor; approximately 29 million. When babies are born poor, they often stay poor. 1/2 of babies born into poverty will spend half of their childhood years […]