How You Can Ensure That Your Child Isn’t Treated Like A Number at School

Nobody wants to be just another face in the crowd. We all wish to be acknowledged, considered and seen as a unique individual among the other faces. So, how do parents ensure that their child isn’t regarded as just another face in the crowded classroom? When we are treated as a number, not a person, […]

Four Amazing ICEBREAKERS for Group Facilitators

I recall the first time I facilitated a group of adults. I was nervous and anxious-a real mess. This was a room filled with strangers-a group in which the only thing they had in common[on the surface] was the fact that they were all parents and caregivers of youth with SED [Serious Emotional Disturbances]diagnoses.  This […]

Here’s Where We “Raise the Bar” in America’s Public Schools

Today’s youngest learners are digital natives and practically ‘hard-wired’ to acquire knowledge through technology-infused learning. With an increasing need for meaningful connections between digital natives, the framework of teaching and learning in educational settings is at a crossroads. The basic structure and standardization of curricula can’t become any less engaging, exciting, or less relevant, according […]

Education Philanthropy: Where is the Money Going?

Philanthropy is a good thing! But, where is the ‘giving’ targeted and to whom is all or most ‘giving’ dollars benefitting? Why give when the funds don’t reach those locations, causes or populations most in need of support via supplemental resources! Do the altruistic ‘givers’ actually enrich the historically marginalized communities, where families are struggling […]