Why Parenting Is No Exact Science

So you think you screwed up and made the inadvisable decision to allow your 13 year old to go to the mall alone. You didn’t know that your impressionable adolescent teen planned to meet up with friends there. Friends you did not know. You didn’t know them or their parents-their pedigree. You also didn’t know […]

When to Have That Difficult Conversation to ‘Check In’ With Your Teen

How should parents know when to be concerned about their teen’s mental health? Actually, you are the best judge of this, in terms of your child’s behaviors and needs. If you notice a change, gradual or sudden, in your child’s behavior, attitude and demeanor, that’s a sign that you should do a check-in. This is […]

Useful Tools for Talking With Your Teens

“How was your day?” That is a very straight-forward question to ask a teen to get a conversation going. What’s the usual response that parents receive? “Ok!”….a one word answer, and that’s it. Nothing else. Your teen proceed to head towards their bedroom and then close the door. Closing parents out of their lives. How […]

From Toddler to Teen: 5 Essentials for Positive Discipline

Your child has just thrown a tantrum in the middle of the supermarket. You’re surrounded by  onlookers, and passersby shaking their heads. We know that everyone is waiting for your response to this moment in parenting when what you do matters. You turn to your child and yell at him to stop yelling and whining. […]