Why Is History Taught in Reverse?

American History, Social Studies, World History, Civics, Comparative Religions, and so forth, by any other name is basic background checking which cultivates respect and an appreciation of difference or ‘diversity’. For generations now, American children attending PreK-12 schools in either the public or private sector, are taught under a guiding instructional  framework. This framework has […]

Transforming Teaching History in School: Why Every Child Needs a Hero

  Every child needs at least one hero. There is no straight and fast definition, or specific embodiment of what constitutes a hero, but, what we do know is that fictional characters, uni-dimensional figures, who appear in books, or  other media often will not suffice. There are so many real-life heros, and ‘accidental’ mentors from […]

Why Must We Celebrate Black History Month?

How many of these African-American pioneers can your students identify? February is celebrated nationally every year as Black History Month. Why must educators celebrate Black History Month? Consider the following questions about what happens in your classroom from Teaching Tolerance: How often do your students learn about the contributions of black individuals to U.S. society? Are your […]