A “Constitutional Crisis” Indeed

The absolute best statement that I’ve heard made by one of our political representatives in Washington, D.C., astounded me. It was so accurate, that I don’t believe that the person who made that statement realized it at the time. Resounding and resonating with me was the characterization of this current societal, racial, political, interpersonal climate […]

Why We Can’t Afford to Normalize Sexual Violence

A 17 year old teenager, a high school senior, was out with some friends who decided to go drinking and bar hopping. They end up at a frat party at a nearby college campus. By the time they arrived at the party, they had already consumed 2 or 3 drinks-rum and coca cola-like their parents […]

Here is Why People Chant “Black Lives Matter”

https://s2.washingtonpost.com/5aa15f/5ac365c2fe1ff61ddddda459/YmlzaG9wYXJ2ZXJuZUBhb2wuY29t/6/48/0ffe4a7e475f3bda8279c1bb56f2c78e Play the above video from Asheville and then read. This image absolutely provides one conclusive reason for the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement….at least today’s cries. Unfortunately, the cries of yesteryear are eerily similar to the cries heard today. People of color in the U.S. have been subject to government sanctioned and protected violence against […]

Children and Polyvictimization: Proactive is Better than Reactive!

POLYVICTIMIZATION: CHILDREN’S DIRECT EXPOSURE TO MULTIPLE TYPES OF ABUSE, CRIME AND VIOLENCE When one thinks of children’s exposure to violence and abuse in the home, that is usually as far as our imagery extends. Nothing else. Either it’s a home where instances of abuse, violence or criminal behaviors occur or IT occurs elsewhere. One instance;one […]