How Are You Your Best Advocate?

One of the most productive and self-affirming skills to master is to know how to advocate for your children, your family and yourself. What does being an advocate mean? Speaking up. Speaking your mind and standing up for your rights, championing the rights of others, defending your ideas and yourself–all unapologetically. Some of us consider […]

In Your Relationships, How Do You Communicate Your Needs?

Tips and strategies for building strong, healthy relationships and honestly expressing needs and emotions.

Don’t Forget His Money- Remember to Kick’em Where it Hurts!

For generations, we have all known the name Bill Cosby, and yet we never knew who he really was. The world now knows that beneath the Hollywood veil, Fat Albert and the Jello® Pudding Pops, William Henry Cosby, Jr. was a misogynist. He was an abuser of power, and a predator to unsuspecting women. That […]

The Broken Headlight & Local Law Enforcement- Was it DWB??

  Is there a difference between the way people are approached by law enforcement in the big city or small towns? Is there a difference between locations? Is there a difference between races or sexes? Unequivocally, there is a difference between sexes-male and female. The police approach women less aggressively than men, and that tends […]