SNAP Changes for Young Adults Without Dependents

Federal officials are currently considering legislative and regulatory changes to a federal food assistance program (SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) that would further restrict eligibility for “Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents.” Given that the transition from youth to adulthood is challenging and the brain is still developing, it is concerning that the unique needs […]

PD:Helping Youth in Need: Trauma-Informed Care

Even if you’re new to the youth work field, you’ve probably seen the impact of traumatic events like abuse or homelessness on the young people you serve. Before an agency can truly provide trauma-informed care, youth workers need to understand the basics of trauma and how it affects teens’ bodies and brains. As part of […]

How an “EMOTI-CON” Can Lead to STEM Careers

Justin Carvey grew up in Washington Heights, a largely Hispanic neighborhood in northern Manhattan, where he watched his neighbors struggle to advocate for themselves because they could not speak English. Now, he’s urging his peers to join him in using technology to generate solutions to problems in their communities. Carvey is a senior at the […]

Developing Young Artists for Life-Long Success

My youngest daughter knew from the age of 5 that art was her destiny. Her first commissioned work[unpaid, of course] was at age 5.  As a kindergartener, she designed the cover photo for the program brochure used for her graduation ceremony. She wasn’t even in 1st grade yet! After years of drawing while in school, after school, […]